Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan

Say hello to our designer and resident drummer, Ryan Magalhaes. For the last year and a half, Ryan’s been creating eye-popping logos, websites, and print collateral for clients in the healthcare, real estate, and consumer product space. We sat down with Ryan this week to pick his brain a little:

So how’d you get into graphic design?

I’d say my interest in design all started with snowboard and skateboard graphics, and the artwork associated with that culture. Later on, that sort of led into the music I listened to, which in turn got me to start really thinking about album designs and LP covers. In fact, I can’t tell you the names of a lot of the songs I listened to at that time, but I can describe in detail that song’s album cover. Anyway, I always liked to doodle and sketch, so I got more and more drawn into graphic design as a career. After my first year as a computer science major in college, I knew I wanted to explore the more creative side of the field.

What’s your favorite type of design project?

I’m currently really interested in web projects. I love how designing a website lets you observe how great design can move business metrics, as well as elevate brands. Right now, I’m really into interaction design and how it affects how someone uses a website or app, what they do on it, and their entire overall experience with a brand. I think it’s fascinating to really look into the critical thinking behind the products we’re designing, and to create better products from the ground up.

What do you like about working at Proverb?

I’d say the variety. The projects we get at Proverb are always changing; whether it’s the strategic approach, the deliverable, or who we’re targeting. Right now, I’m working on a luxury apartment complex and a local specialty coffee roaster. In the past, we’ve done work for health care, insurance, nonprofits, and even a medical rosin press. I’d say it’s been a pretty healthy mix.

Who’s your design hero? Why?

Back when I was a student, I think I really looked up to the designers nearby like Johnny Cupcakes and Clark Orr, who are sort of legends in the Boston design scene. I’m also really into Tobias Van Schneider’s work — he’s an ex product designer at Spotify, who’s now freelancing, kicking ass, and running a podcast on his own. Definitely worth checking his work out.

Where do you go when you need some time to reset / relax?

I like taking walks around the South End to clear my head and get my blood running a little. I love walking around the peaceful brownstones, looking at all the beautiful architecture and people, and listening to really pissed-off ’80s hardcore. I’m always listening to music — I don’t go anywhere without my headphones.

What are you listening to right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop, electronica, and, as always, some hardcore screamo. My Spotify playlist right now has got Mura Masa, Post Malone, Architects, and Envy on the Coast.

What do you do when you’re not designing or playing drums?

Nothing too crazy. I’ve played soccer all my life, so I like meeting up with friends on weekends to play pickup games, and I do a lot of cycling. I’ve also gotten pretty into craft beers and IPAs, so I like hitting up the breweries nearby. There are a lot of cool breweries popping up throughout the Boston area, so there’s always something new to check out.

What’s your favorite beer right now? Or brewery?

Right now, it’s probably Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville — not exactly for their beer, but because they’ve built a really amazing space over there. The bar space is really bright, open, and conducive to just hanging out and having a good time. In terms of actual beer, I’d say my favorite right now is Jack’s Abbey’s Hoponious Union… but I’m not exactly a beer snob, so I don’t really know how to talk about it, to be honest. I just like drinking the stuff.

Want to see what Ryan’s been working on? See the Work on our shiny new website.