Lessons in Honesty, From Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders [SlideShare]


Let’s face it: honesty isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most Americans think about advertising.

In fact, advertising practitioners are routinely ranked as one of the least-trusted groups of professionals, just above used car salesmen and telemarketers. This lack of faith is a bit of an embarrassment, especially for an industry built upon the very idea of building trust between brands and consumers.

The question begs asking: are we really that bad at our jobs?

Turns out there are a few professions out there that people trust even less than marketers — namely, politicians. So how can Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, a pair of candidates whose rise has defied all conventional thinking, teach brands a thing or two about building trust through honesty?

Check out the SlideShare from Proverb Senior Strategist John Lockwood to find out.

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